With GeForce2 Go

Finally, powerful NVIDIA graphics are available in a mobile solution. You no longer have to sacrifice graphics quality and performance for convenience. GeForce2 Go offers never before seen graphics quality on a notebook computer. And the NVIDIA GPU delivers higher performance while saving CPU power, which in turn saves battery power. Not only will your graphics look better and run more smoothly, but your computer's performance will improve as well.
Design and create anything on the go with GeForce2 Go. From digital content creation to multimedia presentations and office applications.

Visual Quality with GeForce2 Go
As mobile displays have steadily increased in resolution, graphics support has lagged behind. Now with the first mobile GPU, NVIDIA makes superb 2D and 3D graphics possible on a notebook computer. GeForce2 Go offers 16- and 32-bit per pixel graphics for exceptional visual quality. It has 32-bit Z/stencil buffer support, required by many CAD and digital content creation applications, which allows for natural display of scenes. Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) lets you control the color separation and intensity of your display, giving you richer and brighter colors for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The Mobile Workstation
Until now, users of workstation-class applications have been frustrated by the limitations in mobile PC graphics technology. With GeForce2 Go, notebook users can now run content creation, graphics editing, and even 3D modeling applications—freeing graphics artists and content creators from the confines of their desk. And NVIDIA's driver technology includes full support for both Direct3D and OpenGL, enabling a wide array of applications previously unusable on notebook PCs.

Imagine adding 3D to a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or recalculating a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet while in transit to your meeting. From traditional 2D office applications to powerful 3D applications, GeForce2 Go enables unsurpassed notebook graphics quality and performance. Anytime and anyplace, GeForce2 Go bridges the gap between desktop and mobile computing.
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