With GeForce2 Go

If you have ever played a 3D game title on a notebook PC, you may have found the performance less than stellar. This is due to the fact that the graphics engines in current mobile systems are incapable of processing multiple pixels at high frame rates. The result is low frame rates and poor image quality. Until now. Whether you like to watch DVD movies on your notebook while
GeForce2 Go offers a rich set of 3D features for mobile entertainment.
traveling, or to play the occasional 3D computer game, NVIDIA's mobile GPU delivers. In the tradition of high-performance desktop GPUs, GeForce2 Go offers a rich set of 3D features for mobile entertainment.

GeForce2 Go pumps out 17.2 million triangles per second, allowing very detailed and accurate scene display. Its second generation transform and lighting engine reduces CPU utilization by 40% for 3D applications, resulting in improved performance and reduced power consumption. GeForce2 Go also has advanced per-pixel shading capabilities
and cube environment mapping, which provides natural looking environments at normal frame rates. With the powerful features of GeForce2 Go, notebook users can run intensive 3D games at the best possible resolution and image quality.

Imagine adding 3D to a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or recalculating a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet while in transit to your meeting. From traditional 2D office applications to powerful 3D applications, GeForce2 Go enables unsurpassed notebook graphics quality and performance. Anytime and anyplace, GeForce2 Go bridges the gap between desktop and mobile computing.

Other GeForce2 Go features include:
  • 286 million pixels per second, and 572 million texels per second fill rates for more realistic object appearance
  • NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) provides stunning visual quality in real time
  • Maximum 2D/3D resolution of 2048 x 1536 at 75Hz
  • HDVP for full-screen, full frame rate video playback
  • Double Data Rate (DDR) frame buffer memory for maximum performance
Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts overwhelmingly choose NVIDIA GPUs for their PCs. Now, with the world's first mobile GPU, NVIDIA graphics and quality performance are available for 3D entertainment on the go.
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